Multi-Function Watch Tool

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Watch Bracelet Pin Removing Kit. Instructions for use on back. 
Philip-Persio Watch Tool

Watch Bracelet Pin Removing Kit
Instructions to Remove the Band Pin:
1. Unscrew handle until you can place watch band flat on the top of platform.
2. Line up the band pin with the bit.
3. Use the screw at the side of this tool to adjust the height of the pin.
4. Screw in the handle until the band pin is pushed out.

Note: If band pins are difficult to remove, place the band on the slot of the platform. With the pin over the hole on the slot, knock the pin out with a hammer and a bit.

Steps to replace the Bit of the tool:
1. Unscrew out the whole handle
2. Hold the bottom of the bit with one hand.
3. Turn the head of the bit anti-clockwise to remove the head.
4. Replace a new head for the bit.


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