Light Head Magnifying Glass 19.95

Light Head Magnifying Glass 19.95

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I. This item was developed under many years' manufacturing experience, and it is series of head loupe with light weight about (100g), lighting, wide view lens and three-dimensions, very suitable for professional technician and precision operator in various lines. Use it easily and conveniently covering range of precision industry, precision electronics, precision moulding, sculpture, mold-making, stamping, edition, precision products i.e. camera, electronic base, computer repair & maintenance, electronic system of automobile, precision spring making etc.
II. For general living use as follows for reference: Jewellery designer, jewellery maker, tailor, sewer, beauty shop, beauty-maker, embroidery worker, stamp collection, planter (for flower, grass), reader, painter, dentist, veterinarian, animal beauty etc.
III. We'd like to especially recommend elder fishing hobbies that can go fishing without glasses, and just use this item to assure you of watching & fishing precision. Also, it is with lighting, which can help night walk safer and smooth, walking in uneven road.
IV. The lens are under special surface hardened treatment. If dirty, please rub it lightly by softer paper, water or natural alcohol. Don't rub it by evaporating chemical liquid in order to protect len's surface from damage.
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